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The Best Natural Pathways & Patios - What is "Breeze" Surfacing?

Breeze Surfacing, also referred to as crusher fines or decomposed granite, is a great hardscaping solution for our Colorado climate. This permeable surfacing provides a fantastic natural appearance for pathways, patios and low-use driveway applications.

Breeze surfacing can either be installed loose (best for low traffic pathways) or with an added stabilizer. The addition of the stabilizer helps lock the fines together, for a more solidified surface. In terms of color selections, multiple shades are available, ranging from darker grey colors to lighter tans. The variety of color options makes it a great feature in a variety of landscape types and aesthetics.

One of the other elements that makes Breeze stand out is its ability to create beautiful, natural transitions between seating areas and planting beds. With the landscape installation pictured below, Breeze was utilized to form a natural looking seating area that also allowed for the ability to add plantings throughout, Natural transitions are great when you're looking to avoid the harsh lines created by edging.

Another great use of Breeze is in combination with pavers. The granite fines are easily able to fill in gaps between flagstone or concrete stepping stones.

As with most landscaping materials, there are some things to keep in mind with maintenance and material properties. Over time, as the material settles into the landscape, a refresh may become required to keep the surface fresh. A thin layer is typically all that's needed across the top. Additionally, if installed in high traffic areas in your landscape, we recommend keeping an entry mat nearby, as the fine nature of the material allows it to be tracked indoors and potentially scratch floors.

We recommend staying away from Breeze if the pathway or patio will be used frequently throughout the winter, requiring shoveling. The smaller fines can get caught up in the snow removal process.

Overall, Breeze is an excellent material to create natural looking pathways and patios in your landscape.



  • Excellent pathway and patio material

  • Great for natural looking transitions

  • Variety of color options available

  • Low maintenance, but requires occasional refreshes


Options Available at Grey Rock

  • Charcoal

  • Mountain Granite

  • Tan

  • Limestone

  • Red

  • Maroon

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